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MAGNAT Cer KB ulewny rodonit B19 2,5L

Magnat Ceramic Kitchen Bathroom

Available packaging

  • 2.5 L
  • 5 L


  • do 16 m²/L przy jednokrotnym malowaniu


  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Laundry room, Drying room
  • Public use buildings
  • Wall
  • Ceiling
Opis produktu
MAGNAT Cer KB ulewny rodonit B19 2,5L
MAGNAT CERAMIC KITCHEN&BATHROOM is a ceramic paint establishing coatings with hydrophobic properties, particularly recommended for decorative and protective application to internal walls and ceilings exposed to periodically increasing moisture contamination and water vapour condensation, such as: bathrooms, laundry rooms or kitchens.

Additionally, the product delivers above-average resistance to stains, scrubbing and disinfectants. Painted walls remain clean for a long time, colours stay vivid and fresh.

Stain resistance guarantee
* Guarantor: FFiL Śnieżka SA, Al. Jana Pawła II 23, 00-854 Warsaw. Guarantee protection duration and territorial scope: 12 months from date of purchase, in Poland. If stain resistance is found to be ineffective, the Buyer shall be entitled to a refund of the price paid for the Product. The guarantee does not limit, exclude or suspend the Buyer's rights stemming from statutory warranty provisions for inherent defects of the sold item. For guarantee terms see www.magnatfarby.pl or ask at points of sale.

1If Manufacturer's instructions as specified on the packaging are followed, then on smooth, cured substrates the paint does not absorb contaminants and 'difficult' stains. Coarse and uneven surfaces may hamper removal of stains and especially the 'difficult' ones.
2 PN-C-81914:2002 Type I – resistant to wet scrubbing.
3 If Manufacturer's instructions as specified on the packaging are followed, then on smooth, cured substrates the paint establishes a durable colour resistant to intensive use particularly in public use buildings, i.e. resistant to: touching with hands or other body parts, accidental contact between the painted substrate and various items such as jackets, briefcases; vapours (e.g. in a kitchen), contaminants, light (including UV rays), wet scrubbing and washing according to the PN-C-81913 standard (excludes washing with the use of disinfectants or cleaning agents containing chlorine or bleach).4 Laboratory method for testing the efficacy of film preservatives in a coating against fungi PN-EN 15457:2014.
5 Measurement of antibacterial activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces - carried out in accordance with ISO 22196/JIS Z 2801.