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MAGNAT Care nieśmiały turmalin A56 2,5L

Magnat Ceramic Care

zł 129.99

Available packaging

  • 2.5 L


  • do 16 m²/l


  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Bedroom
  • Children's room
  • Teenager's room
  • Corridor, Hallway
  • Public use buildings
  • Wall
  • Ceiling
Opis produktu
MAGNAT Care nieśmiały turmalin A56 2,5L

The MAGNAT CERAMIC CARE paint is particularly recommended for interiors where contemporary people spend most of their time, such as: bedrooms, children's rooms or offices where the presence of harmful formaldehyde in the air is not acceptable. In conjunction with the fact that MAGNAT CERAMIC CARE is a product with above-average properties, it is also recommended for application in other premises such as kitchens, living rooms and corridors.
The paint is designed for decorative and protective application to cement, lime and cement, gypsum and plasterboard walls and ceilings as well as those made out of fibreglass. It may also be applied to interior wood, wood-based and metal substrates. Recommended for residential premises, healthcare buildings, educational establishments and within food storage premises (without direct contact with paint).


1 If Manufacturer's instructions as specified on the packaging are followed, then on smooth, cured substrates the paint does not absorb contaminants and 'difficult' stains such as:
- ketchup, sunflower oil, water markers, crayons, lipstick, mustard (wipe off within 1 hour),
- coffee, tea, wine (remove within 15 minutes).
Coarse and uneven surfaces may hamper removal of stains and especially the 'difficult' ones.

PN-C-81914:2002 Type I – resistant to wet scrubbing.

3 If Manufacturer's instructions as specified on the packaging are followed, then on smooth, cured substrates the paint establishes a durable colour resistant to intensive use particularly in public use buildings, i.e. resistant to:
touching with hands or other body parts, accidental contact between the painted substrate and various items such as jackets, briefcases; vapours (e.g. in a kitchen), contaminants, light (including UV rays), wet scrubbing and washing according to the PN-C-81913 standard (excludes washing with the use of disinfectants or cleaning agents containing chlorine or bleach).

4 The MAGNAT CERAMIC CARE innovative formula ensures a reduction of formaldehyde (even up to 98%) which might occur in the air inside premises. Building materials, furniture, floor panels, carpets or carpeting are just some of the potential sources of formaldehyde.  On the basis of laboratory tests carried out for FFIL Śnieżka SA. (for details, see product data sheet at www.magnatfarby.pl). The efficiency and effectiveness of formaldehyde reduction and the period required for it to bind as a result of applying MAGNAT CERAMIC CARE paint depend on: formaldehyde concentrations in the air, air circulation, room volume, and area of coated substrate (m2).