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MAGNAT farba tablicowa czarny 0,75L

Magnat Chalkboard black

zł 95.99



Window dimensions

Door dimensions

Surface area to be painted

Available packaging

  • 0.75 L


  • up to 10 m²/l
Available colors


  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Children's room
  • Teenager's room
  • Kitchen
  • Public use buildings
  • Wall
Opis produktu
MAGNAT farba tablicowa czarny 0,75L
Magnat Blackboard Paint is a ceramic paint which establishes a surface similar to a school blackboard on a wall or wooden element. This paint will make it possible for you to establish surfaces on internal walls and furniture elements which can be drawn and written upon. Let your child's creativity flourish. A surface coated with Blackboard Paint may act like a notebook at home or in an office. It will also be ideal for displaying a menu at a cafeteria or pub. Exceptional resistance to washing and wet scrubbing means you can write on it using chalk and then wipe it off as many times as you like. Magnat Blackboard Paint establishes surfaces suitable for writing on with chalk. It is particularly recommended for application to internal walls. It is perfect for painting cement, cement-lime, gypsum, plasterboard, wooden, wood imitation as well wallpapered surfaces. We also recommend this paint for offices, where walls coated with MAGNAT paint will help in preparing a place for creative notes and ideas. Magnat Blackboard Paint is also ideal for painting labels on bottles, flower pots or jars for example.