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Magnat Farba magnetyczna
Magnat Farba magnetyczna

MAGNAT Magnetic Blackboard Paint

Attach and draw


  • approx. 5 m²/l

Available packaging

  • 0.75 L

Available colors

Product description:

  • 2in1 Combines the benefits of a magnetic and blackboard paint
  • Perfect for various substrates
  • Powerful magnet attraction
  • Simple application and optimal coverage

Magnat Magnetic Blackboard Paint is a water-soluble, matt paint, for establishing surfaces which attract magnets, which can be written on using chalk (neodymium magnets are best). It establishes durable coats resistant to multiple washing. This low-odour product is completely safe for the surroundings. Use of the Magnetic Blackboard Paint will make child's play out of attaching photographs or writing letters of the alphabet to walls and furniture without the use of drawing pins, glue or adhesive tape – this also means that painter surfaces do not suffer damage. The paint is perfect for offices and conference rooms, where substrates coated with it become ideal places for drawings, notes or graphs.

Magnat Farba magnetyczna

A wall brimming with photographs and jotted down thoughts without nails or drawing pins – MAGNAT magnetic paint

Drawings, notes or graphs on walls in a home office will certainly help with organising work and can also act like ornaments. This is an ideal solution for those who what to have bits of paper with notes or photographs of their loved ones within sight but do not wish to attach them to walls using nails or drawing pins. Conceive, create and attach – its easy with MAGNAT magnetic paint.


  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Children's room
  • Teenager's room
  • Kitchen
  • Public use buildings
  • Wall

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