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Magnat Satyna Bazy
Magnat Satyna Bazy


Satin interior paint – base


  • up to 12 m²/l

Available packaging

  • 0.86 L
  • 0.9 L
  • 2.7 L
  • 4.5 L
  • 9 L

Available colors

Product description:

MAGNAT SATIN Base is a satin paint for tinting in the MAGNAT COLOUR SYSTEM (MCS). Use of SD TECHNOLOGY (Smooth & Durable) means the paint establishes durable satin (7) coats, which exhibit outstanding smoothness and flexibility as well as a reduced friction coefficient, which in turn improves resistance to scrubbing with water and detergents.

The 'particles-balls' part of SD TECHNOLOGY (Smooth&Durable) align near the surface of the coat established by the paint on a wall resulting in:
IMPROVED RESISTANCE TO SCRUBBING – a satin coat is nearly 3 times more resistant than a matt coat**.
SIMPLER STAIN REMOVAL – it is very easy to remove stains or contaminants from durable, smooth and 'slippery' satin coats.

* Compared against MAGNAT Base MAT
** A satin coat is resistant to more than 8000 scrubs with a brush according to the PN-C-81914 standard


Magnat Satyna Bazy

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