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MAGNAT Wałek malarski zapas 240x13 fi8
MAGNAT Wałek malarski zapas 240x13 fi8

Paint rollers /stock/ 240mm x 13mm Ø8

Available packaging

  • 1 pcs

Opis produktu

  • quality nap
  • bevelled ends
  • simple paint application
  • solvent-resistant/li>
  • ensures the right end result/li>

PAINT TYPES:water-based: emulsions, acrylic, latex, solvent-based: oil, alkyd.
IDEAL FOR THE FOLLOWING COATS: gloss, semi-gloss, mat.
RECOMMENDED SUBSTRATES: smooth, semi-smooth
CLEANING AND MAINTENACE:use a putty knife to squeeze out paint remains. When using with water-based paints, acrylic or latex paints – wash in warm water with a little detergent. For oil and alkyd paints – wash is a solvent appropriate for the used paint. Spin-dry and leave to dry. Before next use of the paint roller it is recommended to moisten it and spin-dry.

IMPORTANT: before first use make sure all loose shreds of material left over from the production process are removed.
Not every roller is suitable for every type of paint or varnish. Therefore test it on a small surface before first use. We shall not be responsible for the effects of and damage caused through the use of an incorrectly selected tool.

Width [mm/’’]: 240/9.5
roller diameter [mm]: Ø 37
sleeve diameter [mm]: Ø 8
MAGNAT Wałek malarski zapas 240x13 fi8

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