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MAGNAT Style Lime Stucco

It imitates polished stone with three characteristic surface finishes: satin, gloss, high gloss

zł 253.96

Price of a set sufficient for 10m of wall assuming coverage of 1 kg per m2

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Opis produktu

MAGNAT Style Lime Stucco is a thin coat acrylic compound, based on slaked lime marble powder for application to interior walls. It perfectly imitates polished stone with three characteristic surface finishes: satin (natural), gloss (polished) and high gloss (polished and waxed). The product features a porous structure – is ensured the substrate breathes, it is resistant to bacteria and fungi and as such is suitable for application in increased moisture interiors. Lime Stucco with additional surface protection will be more resistant to stains (with the exception of fats) and temporary exposure to water.

Interior decor with a unique texture – polished stone effect

If you value the original appearance of polished stone, then a design which incorporates this style will certainly be up your street. Such a wall finish, in subtle pastel colours with its characteristic, natural colour distortions will enchant with its natural beauty. It will establish coats which are not only beautiful but also durable. It is suitable for application in kitchens and bathrooms.


  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Bedroom
  • Corridor, Hallway
  • Wall
Magnat Style Lime Stucco is a very elegant finish for walls. Its smooth, polished surface means the plaster is more resistant to stains. Thus it is ideal for receptions, waiting rooms and all other places in an office which see increased traffic

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